Hypothermia is an old tale. To the people who have the courage to confront their inner secrets and fears, this is for you…

Steve Balderson



in the rain
i run away / outside the rain / you drove away / why were you standing there / in the rain / in this fantasy of life / with love around your neck / you stood in the rain / wondering / why you came to me / why you looked at me with those eyes / you walked away / i walked away / in these clothes of mine / i can't find what you used to be / what i want to see / you walked away / i walked away / in this fantasy / something new to me / i wish you could see / what i drove away with you washed away / and i float away / in the rain / if i could see / someone close to me / would they look like me / or you / if this time is right / i hope you understand / i don't know the way this is s'posed to end

only you
you don't know why i cry / i see your face lying next to me / only you can know what i'm going through just to get to you / would you look again / to understand what this is for / maybe you could love me again / you know what i live for / only you / i know i don't mean that much to you and i know you don't mean much / but only you can take my heart and hold me back from yesterday / only you can take me away / only you can know what i'm going through just to get to you

bottle thrower
let me loose / let me breathe / brake it open / set me free / keep me close in the night / try to run for the light / bottle thrower in the night / bottle thrower out of light / you're a bottle thrower in the line / you're a bottle thrower out of time / trapped in destiny / i'm waiting in the streets / lights bleed like blueberries on the corners of your sheets / you think i don't look / you think i can't see / you take it all away / everything from me / bottle thrower out of line / bottle thrower in the night / the universe is watching you / gazing through the glass / you think you see gigantic prophecies / reunite our ecstasy from captivity (from what you claim to be) / let me loose again / let me breathe again / bottles bleeding down my legs / you're a bottle thrower out of time / bottle thrower what have you done to me / bottles screaming set me free / you're a bottle thrower set me free

running with emotion and i'm running after you and in this dream i dream a little dream of what i want to do inside my mind inside this broken eye i wonder if i'll see the truth behind the voice that talks to me that tells me to believe / why weren't you real inside? why weren't 'you' you inside? (what would you expect me to do? astro-travel notwithstanding, you could've been closer than our bodies used to) falling from devotion and yer falling out of fear and if you could you would not realize exactly what was here / without my heart to lose just validate what you see in me / collide yer bitter state of dizziness and show me what you see! why can't you crawl inside (i can't believe you didn't have the decency, you tried too hard to be with me, separate from reality) i don't want to miss you but i have to let you go / inside / echoing commotion and i'm running after you to fall inside your mind and clarify if that was really you so take my hands my skin and penetrate these wicked things you do or walk away to find a jealous eye since i've mistaken you.

glacial insecurity riding in your brain / a frigid selfish lunatic biting at my legs / hypothermia / your lips are made of ice / your tears are made of ice / this hypothermia is slowly freezing me / is coming over me / with hypothermia you're freezing over dear / in hypothermia / polar inefficiency dripping from your face / in frosty little lies (numbing secrets) / trapping destiny (you're trapping me) / hypothermia / you kiss like novocaine / you're an automatic ice-machine / you're hypothermia / you're hypothermia

nickels & dimes
giving body twice tonight / synthetic midnight candidates / all unattractive / take the blanket / close the door / move your fingers over more / nickels & dimes / are tricking you / fingers fumbling barstools that don't know your name / so give them everything / like you don't know what to do / burning glances in the street / hungry for a soul i'll never see / give your body twice tonight / walk away with all your broken dreams / your nickels & dimes are killing you / give yourself to me / how can i keep you / can't remember how you felt / i can't recall your face / but i am half of you and you are two of me / how can i exchange you at all

one:way ticket
indecisive / incongruent / consistently inconsistent / you don't know what to think / you don't know how to die for you / it's so easy to deceive all your dreams / wonderin' what to do / do you dare compare why you're here to what you're 'supposed to do' / i don't know why i care or why i look for you / on a one:way ticket to anywhere / for you / you're on a one:way ticket to anywhere / but me / i've been everywhere to find you / i want to need this and i need to want this / i dare you to lie to me / i dare you to feel / try not to fake-kiss me / fill me / i dare you / try not to fake tonight / would a one:way ticket be alright / would a one:way ticket intoxicate your fear / take a one:way ticket to everywhere on me / you're on a one:way ticket to anywhere but you / you can't hear what i say / you won't care what you meant to me / you don't know i can see through your skin / what your going to be

please don't play with me in this lifetime or another / always seems like somethin' good / what has never been / but really should've been / it feels like someone's there in the dark / in the air / say your heart is all alone / but in the dark i'm there / in solitaire / wave goodbye to the game / for the love you'll never know / i'd rather play alone in solitaire / i shall play to win for what you've done to me / in solitaire things happen / accidents happen / life is much better when you're not involved with it / my life is brighter when you aren't part of it / it is true you are nothing special at all / in fact you aren't even more than a void / you should quit the game you obviously won't ever win / you'll be old-and-dead and no one will care in the end / ohh solitaire / things happen

if i disappear / will you remember me / is anyone for sale / is anyone real / anyone feel like i do / anyone feel like i do for you / confrontation / mental observation / body limitation / broadcast an explanation / if i disappear will you remember me / mouth to mouth / through the air / through the stratosphere / hold on to me / air to air / mouth to mouth / taste the stratosphere / i'll meet you soon enough / i have to learn how to breathe again / i have to learn how to dream again / one day soon i will see you / someday soon i will see you / someday soon i will dream of you / mouth to mouth / taste the stratosphere

written by steve balderson

these lyrics may be used for whatever you like.
if you do a cover, or remake, please send us a copy.
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the tale of "acumen" is listed inside the cd booklet.
the tales of "pain" and "no excuse" are not by balderson.